Our Story

Our story

OWIN officially launched in August, 2013 by three chartered cofounders:

The idea for a worldwide effort started in 2006 when the first MoU between AWEX (Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency) and the Texas A&M Technology Commercialization Center (now TTC) was signed with the primary objectives of facilitating Walloon innovative companies access the US market and in return AWEX providing assistance to the American start-ups to enter the European market via Wallonia hub. There is a goal to develop similar relationships with Institutions in India, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Chili, Norway and in the Middle East.

Combining the resources of AWEX, the Texas A&M Technology Commercialization, Coway, and TiQ, this fruitful initiative led to the creation of several joint ventures entry to the US, the European, the Chinese, or the Australian markets simultaneously.

Today, OWIN members have executed multi-million dollar commercial contracts, an agreement between the city of Bastogne, Belgium, and the cities of College Station, Texas, and Bryan, annual trade missions but also partnerships with Idelux Group, Research Valley Partnership, and Aggie Angel Network.

Capitalizing on this success, the relationship is now being extended to Australia.

Texas A&M Technology Commercialization and the Research Valley Partnership have been over the last nine years the best partners our Agency AWEX could hope for. Each time we organize a technological mission mission in Aggieland, it is not only a pleasure to be back among friends but a tremendous success as well.

Philippe Lachapelle – Director of Technological and Strategic Partnerships, AWEX.


Misssion & Statements

Our mission statement is “Explore, Create and Connect Win-Win Opportunities Worldwide”. Open Worldwide Innovation Network, Inc. (OWIN) is an open innovation platform which acts as a catalyst for its members to innovate at a global scale. OWIN serves as a virtual business incubator and a clearinghouse for members to exchange their worldwide needs and resources.

The Network encourages then a global culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by facilitating the transfer of technologies and entrepreneurial deals between companies in each other’s markets.

It has been created to engage in many activities that support member’s economic development and to accelerate internationalization of innovation for companies, research institutions all over the world. Two major objectives were set up in order to maximize the benefit of this network:

  1. Spin out new ventures globally through academic, economic development and commercial partnerships
  2. Cross-prospection of multinational companies in the fields of R&D

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and International Trade are pillars of sustainable economic development. Speed to market is crucial to encourage success!