As a network, we provide complete solutions.
OWIN is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and facilitating the transfer of technologies and business deals between the member countries.


Our added value

We emphasize the importance of personal relationships. We are learning from each other fostering innovation through partnership and incubating success though entrepreneurial venture in global markets.

The strength of OWIN lies in our members – world-renewed research universities, technology commercialization offices, business incubators and accelerators, trade agencies, and technology transfer offices. OWIN is present in China, the US, Australia and in Belgium. In a conjoined effort to become truly global, the partners are currently working on developing similar relationships with institutions in India, New Zealand, Chili, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea, Norway and in the Middle East.

More than ever, we are sharing experiences, enabling and strengthening our members to flourish as well as to expand their success.

To answer the challenges of creating valued business and technology commercialization globally, we offer :

Open Innovation

Connect with experts and find research projects


Strategic partnerships can be tricky

Market Access

Get support and access to resources

Trade Missions

Participate in international missions

Find Partners

Identify the right technology and business partner



It is observed that today, useful knowledge, innovation and technology are widely spread.

Lots of companies are currently facing that challenge, trying to benefit from open innovation’s opportunities. OWIN answers that challenge internationally and enables companies to further develop, addressing the gap between business and academia.

The Network offers solutions for both large and small organizations :

  • For SMEs that seek to address big opportunities with innovative solutions, OWIN helps you to develop your business and make international connections.
  • For larger partners, OWIN helps capture the right international innovation and partner that can enrich the companies’ portfolio of technologies.

In addition, OWIN works with our partner institutions to discover the research and commercialization needs of our partners. You will find below examples of innovation opportunities that come from different facilitators (universities, research centers, incubators…)

Call for projects :


Experience is key in international business. OWIN’s network embraces also lots of experts, entrepreneurs, top universities, hubs and scientists.


What is in for you ?

  • Benefit from reliable international experience
  • Advice on:
    • International strategy
    • Joint ventures & strategic partnerships
    • Foreign market entry
    • Intellectual property

The service we provide can range from a market assessment of technologies, of technology entry, scaling market assessment and research, to guidance through the various stages of the investment process.

The assistance we can provide your company to succeed is:

  1. Dressing your profile
  2. Understanding your objectives
  3. Developing a plan with long-term solutions
  4. Following-up on your development


OWIN gives access and facilitates new market entry between companies and members.

It provides, thanks to its members, global access to new venture financing, business incubators, accelerators, and executive leadership to incubate for technology commercialization, innovation, and entrepreneurship within their national and regional economies. Additionally, our Network is a surveyor of technologies and markets for companies.

OWIN connects you to our local Partners’s networks to reach groups like:

  • The Aggie Angel Network (link)
  • Sofinex (link)
  • Incitants AWEX (link)


To gain experience at very low cost for the company and with reliable partners, OWIN works with our partners and helps organizes trade missions in member’s countries. Those missions consist in meeting key future partners for the company to develop internationally. We accelerate the process by meeting those future partners beforehand preparing all the meetings in advance.

Those missions occur in regions where innovative ecosystems can support those new companies and projects.

List of upcoming missions:

  • South by Southwest® 2018 in Austin
  • Exploratory mission in China in April 2018
  • AusBiotech 2018 in Australia in October 2018
  • 10th Technology Mission in Austin, Texas, 2018


We accompany you, giving you the access to the most innovative regions of the world and finding the right partner with you.


Here is our methodology :

  • Identifying a technological region
  • Connecting with trade and economic development agencies, and university technology transfer offices
  • Finding the right technology partner
  • Following on communications of the new partner
  • Working with all parties to help drive deals to a conclusion

Success Stories


GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) [vaccines based in Wallonia] and The Texas A&M Technology Commercialization announced today that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has approved the establishment of a $91 million influenza-vaccines manufacturing facility […] in Bryan-College Station, Texas – Issued: Tuesday 26 March 2013, Austin, TX, and Philadelphia, PA.

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GSK brings unequaled influenza vaccine development, manufacturing, and regulatory expertise to our Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing.

Brett Giroir – Former Executive Vice President and CEO, Texas A&M Health Science Center


GSK’s dedication to public service is well aligned with the Texas A&M tradition of serving the nation and defining its future through research and scholarship

John Sharp – Texas A&M University System Chancellor



Lisam Systems of Belgium and The Texas A&M Technology Commercialization have announced the joint formation of Lisam America Inc.

The A&M System has joined Lisam Systems SA and its partners in the co-founding of Lisam America, Inc., which is delivering environmental, health and safety software and service solutions for chemicals management and regulatory compliance.

For Lisam in 2015, becoming a global player in the chemical safety market is something achieved. Targeting new countries seems to be now easy.
In 2010, starting in Japan and starting in the US were 2 big challenges. This kind of strategic decision was not about making more money but about surviving.
With OWIN and the special relation between Awex and Texas A&M University, we had the great opportunity to cross the Atlantic ocean in one step.
When landing, we discovered a prebuilt trusted network ready to organize the setup of the activity.
Five years later, we are now flying on our own with our 160 US customers and our 12 people in North America.
When looking backward, you could think of linking the success to the decisions you made or with the timing you chose but it would not be fair without linking it also to the people you met.
Pushing now for more is our way to pay back and to say ‘Thank you’.

Michel Hemberg – CEO, Lisam System

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[In 2010], The Texas A&M Technology Commercialization’s Office announced Friday it has reach an agreement with several Belgian-based businesses for partnerships that could bring millions of investment dollars in the Brazos Valley. One of the deals calls for Belgian high-tech optical company Amos to locate its first U.S. office in College Station.

For more information: article to be downloaded here.



CaliRotor – StarRotor, a spin-off company of Texas A&M Technology Commercialization, licensed a gerotor expander technology to China. Based on this technology, a start-up company, CaliRotor, was founded in China in 2013 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. CaliRotor is now commercializing the technology in China and is in the process of developing prototypes.


the story is coming

Texas Aggies Go to War Exhibit in Bastogne

The 5,000 square foot exhibit will showcase the past and present Aggie experience.  It will honor the lives of Texas Aggies who fought in and around the Battle of the Bulge […]

This is a great opportunity to honor those who paved the way for many of us to be where we are today.
The Belgians have shared stories of how their lives were forever changed by the support of the Americans during the Battle of the Bulge and many of those leading the Americans were Texas Aggies. I am humbled and honored to be able to support this tribute.” 

John Sharp – Chancellor of the Texas A&M Technology Commercialization

But how did a foreign museum, even one in Bastogne, come to celebrate le courage des jeunes Aggies (the courage of young Aggies)? Connections, both economic and personal, between A&M and Belgium are part of the answer.

And Texas A&M Technology Commercialization Chancellor John Sharp ’72 is one key.

The preparation of the exhibition “From Texas to Bastogne, Texas Aggies Go to War” represented another opportunity to show that the strong ties between Wallonian and Texan partners reduce increasingly the geographical distance.

Sylvain Platevoet – Project Manager, Tempora
Benoît Remiche CEO, Tempora

The exhibition and the show demonstrated that between the Ardennes and Texas state, nobody forgot the courage of thousands of young men who fought for the liberty of our continent.

Sylvain Platevoet – Project Manager, Tempora
Benoît Remiche – CEO, Tempora

“The chancellor was the first person to step forward with financial support from the U.S. side for this museum project,” says Cornwell. “Without his initial support and that support deriving from his understanding of our relationship with Belgium and his understanding of our relationship with our Belgian partners, this project wouldn’t have happened.”

Cornwell’s Technology Commercialization office, which licenses and protects the results of system schools’ research, “has been working very closely with partners in Belgium for eight, nine years now,” he says in a video about the exhibition.

The Texas A&M Technology Commercialization connection with southern Belgium’s Walloon Region began when government official Philippe LaChapelle took the advice of an old graduate school mentor –Dr. Evan Anderson, a Texas A&M professor – to contact A&M about economic development possibilities. Since then, multimillion-dollar agreements have been forged, companies have spun off and Belgian company branch offices have opened in Bryan and College Station.

Part of a long-term partnership between Wallonian and Texan partners initiated by the OWIN, the project « Texas Aggies Go to War » and its materialization in an exhibition and a show highlighted the power of cultural diplomacy.

Sylvain Platevoet – Project Manager, Tempora
Benoît Remiche – CEO, Tempora

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OWIN is an international business membership association. We want members in every geographic region to continue our mission of sponsoring open innovation.

OWIN has three levels of membership: Executive, Associate and Assistant.

Below is a description of each level as well as a list of the benefits for each level of membership.

Executive Level – $25,000 annually. These Members actively look to develop their region’s economy through emphasizing technology commercialization. The current Founding Executive members of OWIN are Texas A&M Technology Commercialization, Coway International TechTrans, Ltd and Wallonia Export and Investment Agency (AWEX). Executive-level members receive all of the benefits described below, in the Associate and Assistant levels, including:

  • Seat on the Board of Directors (BoD). The BoD is provides strategic guidance, leadership, and a vision for the direction of OWIN.  A designated leader of each executive level member will be a member of the BoD, participate in regular board meetings and work with the corporate officers in overall leadership of the network. An Executive Level board member must meet the following criteria:
    (1) have access to sufficient funds to support the creation and growth of companies affiliated with or members of the corporation; (2) have the ability to develop particular programs for innovative companies, members, and affiliates of the corporation; (3) have the demonstrated support of the Executive Member’s community; (4) have the ability to provide or have access to business incubation space that is locally available to the Executive Member; (5) have access to service providers for new companies seeking to locate to the Executive Member’s region; and (6) maintain a contact person for coordination with the corporation on matters affecting the corporation and the Executive Member. Executive members are entitled to appoint one voting director to the Board of Directors of OWIN.

Associate Level – $5,000 annually. These members provide tremendous value to the network in the form of business incubation, local networks, and access to resources. Associate-level Members receive all of the benefits described above for Assistant Members in addition to:

  • Participation in any OWIN Trade delegation: OWIN regularly coordinates, facilitates, and participates in trade delegations to our member’s countries.  We identify sponsored research opportunities, joint venture opportunities, strategic partnerships, and other prospects for companies and students to expand their global perspectives and prospects. If there is an international trip to join an executive level member and meet with companies, all other executive level members are welcome to join as well.
  • OWIN in-kind support: OWIN staff will be able to facilitate the commercialization process through project management activites to support projects between members of OWIN, including projects proposed by Associate members that meet the goals of OWIN.

Assistant Level – $1,000 annually.  This membership level is tailored for organizations that might not have the resources necessary to join at the higher level, but they would clearly benefit from OWIN’s network. Benefits are as follows:

  • Access to a global network of technology commercialization professionals with expertise in every industry, and in every academic discipline.
  • Direct access to a global entrepreneurial eco-system for technologies and technological entrepreneurial companies. This includes an entire network essential to success in a new market: business incubators, CEOs for subsidiaries in the receiving country, finance, distributors, sponsored R&D, manufacturing, and marketing teams.
  • Direct and facilitated access to new and thriving international markets for technologies and companies looking abroad. A “soft landing” exists in our members’ markets for a technology company in a new international market.

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 Membeship Agreement