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Open Worldwide Innovation Network

An Association of Governments, Universities, and Trade Agencies dedicated to facilitate startups and technology commercialization.

The Network offers solutions to encourage a global culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. At the heart of OWIN are entrepreneurs, businesses, great innovators, well-known companies, top-ranked universities, leading countries…

We will help you innovate and grow internationally.


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  • Develop your economy
  • Access a worldwide network
  • Foster “open innovation”
  • Go global
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To help us in our mission of technology commercialization, we recently were a founding member of the Open Worldwide Innovation Network.

The Open Worldwide Innovation Network was formed with initially Texas A&M University System, AWEX – the Walloon Foreign Trade and Export Agency in Walloon Belgium – and Coway –International Technology Transfer Company – the tech transfer organization for Tsinghua University in Beijing.

This three trusted technology partners around the globe enable us to move Texas A&M technologies, Texas A&M research opportunities around the globe with partners in Europe, and partners in China. And likewise, opportunities from Europe and opportunities from China coming to Texas A&M.

One of our goals, with the Open Worldwide Innovation Network, is to create research opportunities, to create jointed company opportunities (worldwide). Not only companies and research opportunities coming to Texas A&M but also opportunities going to Europe, going to China. To this end, we have recently created two companies (see “success stories”). We have also created multiple licensing opportunities in Europe and in China.

The reality of technology commercialization, the reality of the world, is it is much bigger than the job of yesterday.
There are some technology commercialization opportunities that need to be born big – not just started in Texas, grow in the US, and then grow worldwide – but they need to start worldwide.

To that end, the Open Worldwide Innovation Network brings trusted partners in Europe, trusted partners in China, and we hope to grow into India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other major economic regions of the world.

With our partners around the world, we will be able to provide Texas A&M researches, Texas A&M spin out companies access to capital, expertise, incubation opportunities, and capital around the world that they were not be able to access.

The Open Worldwide Innovation Network is going to be a partner for all of us, all of us at A&M and all of our partners around the world.

Latest news and Updates

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